What you should know about the Southern Right Whale

What you should know about the Southern Right Whale
Wednesday, 03 July 2019 12:25

Here at Chapman's Peak Drive we are whale fans! It's one of our favourite things about the winter months here in Cape Town, South Africa.  Every year, the Southern Right Whale visits the Cape coastline. These gentle giants do a great job of treating Cape Town locals to a display of breaching, spouting, spyhopping and fluking. Of all the whale species that frequent our shores, the Southern Right whale is the most common. On a great day, you may even spot some Humpback and Bryde’s whales while you’re whale-watching.  Check out the Top 5 Whale Watching Spots

If you are standing at one of the view points on #Chappies and see a whale spouting, you may need a few interesting facts whales - in particular, about the Southern Right Whale:

  • Southern Right whales migrate annually from Antarctica to the coast around Cape Town. The main reason for this migration is to calve their offspring. Their stay lasts for about six months (June-November).
  • Before the Southern Right whales became an endangered species in 1935, they were considered to be the ‘right’ whales to hunt, because of their slow swimming speeds and the fact that their carcasses float. 
  • The Southern Right whale’s average length is 15 meters and can weigh 60 tons. 
  • These whales are distinguished by the callosities on their heads, their long arching mouths and their double blowhole
  • Southern Right whales are very active on the water surface and are increasingly curious toward humans.
  • They love tail sailing, whereby they use their flukes to catch the wind.
  • Southern Right whales have strong maternal connections, especially with the locations and gene pools they are born into. 
  • Females, who migrate to calve, usually return to their birth spots. 
  • Hermanus, is known as the mecca of Southern Right whales, however, they are quite common in Cape Town, around the Chapman’s Peak area. 

Visit our blog for more information on where you can find these gentle giants.  We always encourage taking the scenic route to get more experiences like whale-whatching out of life! If you’re visiting Cape Town, this winter, book a vehicle with cheap car hire Cape Town today. 

Photo credit: D. Hurwitz, Simon's Town Boat Company 

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