The World’s Most Beautiful Marathon On Our doorstep

Saturday, 30 March 2019 07:58
The World’s Most Beautiful Marathon On Our doorstep
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It’s that time of the year again, where local and international athletes and sporting enthusiasts gear up for the annual Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon. The sporting event has earned a sterling reputation over the years and has been crowned the world’s most beautiful marathon.

The event attracts over 25 000 participants across South Africa and abroad and has become a national institution in our country. Although the marathon provides participants with the most breathtaking scenery, the race can be quite challenging and has been said to be a “gruelling test of fitness” for beginners and professional athletes. Athletes journey around the Cape Peninsula during the marathon, a highlight being their trip around the world renowned Chapman’s Peak Drive, located on the western side of Table Mountain, one of the world’s seven natural wonders.  

Race day and other events:

  • The Ultra Marathon takes place on the 20th April 2019 and is a total of 56 km. This year is particularly special as the Ultra Marathon celebrates its 50th anniversary.
  • The Half Marathon takes place on the 20th April 2019 and is a total of 21 km. This event is great for recreational to mid-level runners who are not quite ready to tackle the 56 km race yet.
  • The Two Oceans Marathon caters for trail runners too. Participants can look forward to the nested pathways and dramatic landscapes of Newlands Forest to the lower slopes of Devil’s Peak. Trail runners have to be  18 years or older to participate in this race.
  • If you’re planning on bringing the whole family to the Mother City for the marathon, you can look forward to the fun runs, specifically designed for toddlers, parents and the whole family on the 19th of April 2019. Most travellers opt for car hire to accommodate their travel plans.

If you’re not participating in this year’s race, find your way around the Cape Peninsula to spectate the world’s most beautiful marathon in full view.

Photo Credit: Chapman’s Peak Drive| Sharon Ang


Chapman’s Peak Drive Toll Plaza Office Hours:

The Toll Plaza is open Monday - Friday from 08h00 - 17h00 for registration as a Frequent User.
Address: Toll Plaza, Chapman’s Peak Drive, Hout Bay, Cape Town
Plaza Tel: 021 791 8220

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About Chapman's Peak Drive

  • Chapman’s Peak Drive toll road winds its way between Noordhoek and Hout Bay on the Atlantic Coast on the south-western tip of South Africa. Chapman’s Peak Drive is one of the most spectacular marine drives in the world.

    Chapman’s Peak Drive is affectionately known as #Chappies.