Stay Wider of the Rider Awareness Ride

Friday, 26 February 2016 09:00
Stay Wider of the Rider Awareness Ride
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Pedal Power Association are hosting a STAY WIDER OF THE RIDER AWARENESS RIDE this Saturday 27 February 2016. This is an awareness ride and is an untimed event.

Groups of 50 cyclists at a time will be departing from the parking area at Maiden's Cove at 2 minute intervals from 07h00. The cut-off time is 11h00.

PPA urges all cyclists wanting a safer cycling environment to join them for this ride. There is no entry fee, but it will be appreciated if you could complete the online entry to let them know how many riders to expect. They encourage cyclists to wear their ‘Stay Wider of the Rider’ cycling jersey. Cyclists have been asked to ride in single file along the route which leaves Maiden's Cove, and heads out along Victoria Road, over Suikerbossie, down into Hout Bay, Turn right from Princess into Main road and continue to the Lookout point at the the top of #Chappies before coming back the reverse route to Maiden's Cove.

Organizers: Liz or Zarah @ PPA
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Enquiries Phone Number: (021) 671-6340

Background to the Stay Wider of the Rider Awareness Ride:

Lack of visibility is a key issue that contributes towards cycling accidents on our roads. The new “Stay Wider of the Rider” safe cycling jerseys are highly visible and include the simple “Stay Wider of the Rider” message. They are available in short and long sleeves. High visibility bibs with the “Stay Wider of the Rider” message will be available to cyclists who commute in work clothes.

Join thousands of supporters and pledge your support for the safe cycling campaign by sticking the “Stay Wider of the Rider” bumper sticker to the back of your vehicle. “It is also our responsibility as drivers to become more aware and tolerant of other road users,” says PPA chairman Steve Hayward.

“There can be no doubt that the time has come for action to make our roads safer for the cyclists of South Africa,” says Hayward. “The PPA constantly hears from cyclists across South Africa who feel unsafe on the roads due to poorly designed roads, aggressive driving or the lack of signage and safe cycling lanes.

Cyclists need to remember that if they want motorists to respect them on the roads, they too have to obey the rules of the road and show respect towards motorists. “Using abusive language and rude gestures is just going to add fuel to the fire,” he said. “Cycling is a valid and legal  form of transport. In too many cases cycling is treated as an optional extra to be added where there is enough ‘spare space’, Hayward said. “Let’s practice tolerance, respect and unity in order to be safer on the roads,” Hayward concluded.

Statistics show that 84% of cycling fatalities are caused by cyclists being hit by a motor vehicle from behind or when a vehicle underestimates the speed of a cyclist and crosses their path. Cyclists have almost no protection when they are involved in an accident. By giving them adequate space on the roads, motorists can avoid accidents that may cost precious lives.

Through the STAY WIDER OF THE RIDER campaign, PPA urges motorists to obey the law and pass cyclists at a safe distance of at least 1 metre or more. Come ride with us join our SC start groups to show your support for Safe Cycling in South Africa.

Chapman's Peak Drive Supports Safe Cycling and encourages cyclists to use the drive in single file for safety reasons.

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