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Just over a month ago, we were surrounded with Red and Green Christmas decor and the frenzy of Christmas.  Now it's heart-shaped boxes and lots of red and pink ribbons, trying to entice us to celebrate our loved ones with special gifts.

We don't want to ignore the lovey dovey stuff that comes in the build up to Valentine's day, but we'd prefer to show the love without all the commercialization.  No shopping required.

#Chappies is keen to share the love from our beautiful little corner of the globe, amidst the anger, discontent and fear in the world today.  We're asking you, our community, to showcase expressions of love shown by friends, family and community.  

Help us #spreadthelovearound with these tips

  • Show love for your fellow human being  
  • Show your love for nature
  • Show your love for children
  • Show your love for animals
  • Show your love for our planet
  • Show your love for Chocolate - because if all else fails, there's always chocolate!

You can share an image or a story with us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
If you don't have a story or photo that you'd like to share publicly - then help us to like, love or share a story that touches you. The world needs more love right now - please help us.

Post Script

A special request to all cyclists and motorists using #Chappies to #spreadthelovearound and let us know of those responsible cyclists and kind motorists that are showing love and respect to fellow road users.

Chapman’s Peak Drive Toll Plaza Office Hours:

The Toll Plaza is open Monday - Friday from 08h00 - 17h00 for registration as a Frequent User.
Address: Toll Plaza, Chapman’s Peak Drive, Hout Bay, Cape Town
Plaza Tel: 021 791 8220

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About Chapman's Peak Drive

  • Chapman’s Peak Drive toll road winds its way between Noordhoek and Hout Bay on the Atlantic Coast on the south-western tip of South Africa. Chapman’s Peak Drive is one of the most spectacular marine drives in the world.

    Chapman’s Peak Drive is affectionately known as #Chappies.