Heritage Day, Braai Day & More

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 16:01
Heritage Day, Braai Day & More
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We are so proud that Chapman's Peak's Drive is part of the Natural Heritage of South Africa, as we gear up to celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa.  In 2004, the "Cape Floral Region Protected Areas" were inscribed as a World Heritage Site. The site includes eight representative protected areas including Table Mountain National Park (TMNP). Chapman's Peak Drive is situated on the slopes of the National Park and this World Heritage Site.

As South African's, we are also proud of a national pasttime - the Braai.  Heritage Day has become synonymous with Braai Day and throughout the country, the smell of wood smoke, and barbequed meat floats on the breeze. 

Combining these two events seems appropriate, except on Chapman's Peak Drive!  Due to our commitment to our Natural Heritage and our World Heritage Status, we have an obligation to protect and preserve the diversity and beauty in which we find ourselves.  As such, we kindly request that no fires or braais take place on Chapman's Peak Drive on Heritage Day.  As appealing and tempting as it is, to braai on Chappies with a view across the Atlantic and a mountain backdrop, and the venue for some of the best sunsets on earth.... we would like to remind those celebrating of the most recent Wild Fires of March 2015.

Heritage Day Events

There are many Heritage Day Events in the area and we encourage you to attend. Two of the most popular events will be held on either side of Chappies.

1. The Noordhoek Farm Village - annual potjiekos competition. A free event to see 10 teams competing for potjie honours. The judges are Franck Dangereux and Peter Goffe-Wood.  It's free, family friendly and fantastic food to try.  R100 gets you a tasting cup with rice to sample the wares. Judging and public tasting from 3pm. All day fun. (All proceeds go to Open Door in Ocean View Child Safety Centre)

2. Bay Harbour Market, Hout Bay - This ever popular weekend market will celebrate  Heritage Day with local Kos, local Gin, local music and locals! The Lamb Man will have lamb on a spit, there's Hout Bay's local Musgrave Gin to try and from  1pm, local gypsy band Manouche will be performing with the company of 80 awesome traders and their guests.  Entrance is free.

About Heritage Day

Heritage Day is one of the newly created South African public holidays. It is a day in which all are encouraged to celebrate their cultural traditions in the wider context of the great diversity of cultures, beliefs, and traditions that make up the nation of South Africa.  In KwaZulu-Natal, the 24th of September was formerly known as Shaka Day. When the proposed Public Holidays Bill before the New South African Parliament omitted Shaka Day, Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), a South African political party with a large Zulu membership, objected to the bill.  A compromise was reached when it was decided to create a day where all South Africans could observe and celebrate their diverse cultural heritage.

In an address marking Heritage Day in 1996, former President Nelson Mandela stated: "When our first democratically-elected government decided to make Heritage Day one of our national days, we did so because we knew that our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our new nation."

In the vein of celebrating shared culture rather than focusing on cultural divisions, a recent initiative by the Braai4Heritage calls upon all South Africans to celebrate their common roots by having a braai (barbeque) on Heritage day. After snubbing the idea in 2007 as trivializing, the National Heritage Council endorsed Braai Day in 2008. Tutu was quoted as saying in an interview: "We're going to have this wonderful thing on the 24th of this month ... when we all gather round one fire...It's a fantastic thing, a very simple idea. Irrespective of your politics, of your culture, of your race, of your whatever, hierdie ding doen ons saam [this thing we do together] ... just South Africans doing one thing together, and recognizing that we are a fantastic nation.”

Happy Heritage Day from all of us at Chapman's Peak Drive

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