Dog Walking on Chapman’s Peak Drive

Thursday, 12 July 2018 12:08
Dog Walking on Chapman’s Peak Drive
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Man’s best friend. For those fur parents out there, your dog may be your best friend but not necessarily everyone else’s. We are constantly surprised on Chapman’s Peak Drive to see people walking their dogs believing that their dog is superior to everyone and everything else. Whilst you may know that your dog is the most well behaved, obedient pooch in the neighbourhood, in reality this may not be the case.

In Cape Town, we are privileged to have plenty of open leash-free spaces to walk our furry friends. Table Mountain National Park actually allows dogs in the park – one of very few parks that do allow dog access. Admittedly areas that form part of TMNP require dog-walkers to have a Level 1 My Activity Permit. These permits are valid for 12 months from the day of purchase.

Part of Chapman’s Peak Drive falls within the TMNP jurisdiction, so it is our policy to adhere to the South African National Park guidelines on dog walking and the code of conduct. Take a look at the interactive dog-walking guide produced by the park, which has great information and all the park etiquette’s for taking your dog out with you.

In essence, compliance means that dogs must be under effective control of the handler at all times (should the handler or the dog cause an incident, the dog will be deemed to be out of control and the handler can be held liable). Handlers should always carry a leash and dogs should be leashed – at the beginning and end of a walk, when passing through designated parking areas or picnic areas; if the handler is unable to control the dog, or if the dog is aggressive or potentially dangerous.

There have been two separate incidents recently when the maintenance team were charged by dogs walking with a customer. First aid treatment was required for one of these and the second incident was a near miss. Luckily nothing serious but a big fright from the team picking up litter. 

Dog walkers are requested to promote good behaviour and consideration to other users and visitors, whilst maintaining respect for and reducing the impact on the pristine environment. Dog handlers should be sensitive that not everyone likes dogs and some people are afraid of them. Dogs should be controlled at all times, particularly if someone is ill at ease. Dog walkers should give right of way to those unaccompanied by dogs and should allow sufficient space for others walking with dogs. Dog handlers should not allow their dogs to foul footpaths and tracks; hence faeces should be removed and deposited in bins, where these are provided. Dogs may not disturb, injure or kill any wildlife.

It would be devastating to ban dog walking on Chapman’s Peak Drive – we are sure your dog loves walking on #Chappies as much as you do. Please put your dog on a leash and follow the codes of conduct for dog walking. Life is more fun to walk/hike/run with your furry four-legged friend - let's keep it that way. 

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