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Conservation: Alien Vegetation Clearing

Thursday, 11 November 2021 15:17

Our working relationships span across sectors, from engineering to operations and conservation to name a few, the latter is mainly in alignment with SANParks, as Chapman’s Peak Drive runs through Table Mountain National Park and so conserving our natural heritage is of importance, thereby contributing the wellbeing of our environment.

The ravaging mountain fires of 2015 left deep scars and heavily impacted the environment; damaging acres of vegetation and fynbos. Driving through Chapmans Peak scenic route today, six years later, brings much relief when the beautiful and lustrous greens are seen along the route.

We have a duty to manage the environment and in conjunction with SANParks have to manage the invasive alien species of vegetation that caused harm on the indigenous flora’s survival as it uses mainly water resources from what studies show.

Conservation Alien Veg Clear 001

[Image by I AM CAPE TOWN]

The SANParks Alien Vegetation clearing unit will tackle the slopes of Chapman’s Peak Drive between 10h00 and 16h00 on Wednesdays during November 2021 weather permitting. While the specialized team by SANParks are clearing the alien vegetation above the drive using ropes and technology to chop and clear the slopes, the drive below will encounter falling debris, making it dangerous for passage. Therefore Chapman's Peak Drive will be closed to all users, motorised and non- motorised traffic including pedestrians/runners.

We need to conserve this natural heritage and thank you for your cooperation during these times. Should you need to travel between Hout Bay and Noordhoek during the closure times, the alternative route is via Ou Kaapse weg.

Exploring via Chapman’s Peak Drive whether for the Cape Floral Kingdom, fitness, fresh air, history or more you will surely want to discover more and more and if you use Chapmans Peak Drive frequently there are benefits by signing up to be a frequent user.
Conservation Alien Veg Clear 002[Image by I AM CAPE TOWN]

All users of Chapman's Peak Drive are encouraged to follow all COVID19 protocols when using the toll plaza services and when out at the picnic and viewing points. Enjoy the fresh air and open spaces responsibly and please ensure no litter or graffiti is left behind.

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