#Chappies Road Closure Protocol

#Chappies Road Closure Protocol
Wednesday, 31 January 2018 10:02

Recently, you have probably noticed that #Chappies has been closed more than usual. High risk weather conditions, notably strong winds, have caused an increase in road closures on Chapman's Peak Drive.  In order to protect the safety of road users, there is a strict safety protocol in place when certain weather-related thresholds are exceeded.  These include strong wind or heavy rain.  Entilini

Most people consider wind to be an inconvenience at best, but it can cause great damage.  Strong winds frequently change direction and intensity and can easily expose weak spots, threatening rock falls.   Chappies has steep cliff faces above the road, and vegetation is still recovering from the wild fire of 2015, increasing the risks of rock falls.

"The safety  of users is paramount and will not be compromised, " said Mark Jacobs,  General Manager of Entilini Operations said. He added, "The decision to close the road can happen within a minute and when the gate is closed no-one will be allowed to enter - including runners and cyclists"

It is almost impossible to pre-warn commuters about the road closure related to strong or high risk winds and we request users to co-operate for their own safety, despite the obvious inconvenience.  Motorists and other road users are urged to make use of Old Kaapse Weg as an alternative route.

Efforts to notify the public as quickly as possible of road closures include the electronic notification board which is linked to the website stating open or closed. Social Media status updates are done manually as soon as possible and an SMS is sent out to all registered frequent users during the closure events.  If you ever use Chapman's Peak Drive it is worth registering as a frequent user (it's free to register) - if only to get that SMS. You can sign up at the Toll Plaza during office hours Mon - Fri 08h00 - 17h00 to receive that SMS notification when #Chappies is closed. Applicable to Frequent Users who are signed up and registered active users of Chapman’s Peak Drive,

Please follow us on our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) to keep up to date with notifications of any Road Closures on Chapman's Peak Drive & other happenings.  

Chapman's Peak Drive may also be closed for alien vegetation clearing and for scheduled maintenance (weather depending).  These dates and times are known in advance and will be posted with sufficient notification in order to assist users with planning their travel and routes.

Closure or single lane use with stop/go may be put in place during planned and approved sporting events, such as the annual Cape Town Cycle Tour in March every year and the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon (ultra) on Easter Saturday every year.

 Entilini Operations thanks you for your patience and understanding during periods of road closure.

16.13 km
Wind Direction
25.42 km/h
Updated 7/12/2020 17:12:50
Maintenance in Progress, information may not be accurate!

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