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Chappies for all: Let's share the road responsibly

Cycling Safety
Thursday, 06 May 2021 12:05

We all enjoy being out and experiencing Chapman's Peak Drive (Chappies); having received the accolade of "one of the most scenic drives in the world" for numerous years and recently also ranked as the world’s 5th most beautiful road trip route as shared on IOL. What is even more exciting is that in a year's time we celebrate Chapman's Peak Drives Centenary, as of today 6 May 2021 we start the countdown and look forward to the celebrations next year on 6 May 2022.
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Chapmans Peak Drive is a narrow winding road with spectacular views and for safety reasons, we therefore ask all to adhere to the rules and regulations of the road as per the Provincial and National legislation of South Africa.

We ask of all cyclists to please adhere to, The National Traffic Act 93 of 1996 and the National Road Traffic Regulations 2000 promulgated on 17 March 2000 in Gov Gazette 20963 (as amended from time to time)  includes the following bicycle-specific laws

  • You must be seated on your saddle
  • You must ride in single file
  • You may not deliberately swerve from side to side
  • If you are riding on a public road where there is a bicycle lane, you must use that bicycle lane

The Pedal Power Association (PPA) says, " South African roads are public spaces, and we as cyclists have the right to ride our bicycles on them. However, riding your bicycle on public roads is a big responsibility, and it is very important that you are aware of (and always obey) the rules of the road, and handle your bicycle in a safe and responsible manner."  More info about safe cycling tips can be found on their website here.

For our motorists please note that the speed limit on Chapman's Peak Drive is 40km/hour and we ask you to stay wider of the rider, as cyclist also have the right to be on the road.

Duties of driver of motor vehicles when passing cyclists, as per the Western Cape Provincial Road Traffic Administration Act, 2012 ( Act 6 of 2012), you can find further and full details here.

  • (1) The driver of a motor vehicle who passes a cyclist on a public road must—
    (a) exercise due care while passing the cyclist;
    (b) leave a distance between the motor vehicle and the cyclist of at least one metre; and
    (c) maintain that distance from the cyclist until safely clear of the cyclist.
  • (2) Despite any solid barrier line or other road traffic sign prohibiting encroachment upon the right-hand side of the road, the driver of a motor vehicle on a public road may, where the roadway is not wide enough to comply with sub regulation (1)(b) or (c) when passing a cyclist, encroach on that part of the road to his or her right, but only if—
    (a) it can be done without obstructing or endangering other persons or vehicles;
    (b) it is safe to do so; and
    (c) it can be done and is done for a period and distance not longer than is necessary to pass the cyclist

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Whether you're running, crossing the road to hiking routes, cycling, or driving let's all respect and care for each other's safety. We all share the road and enjoy it to continue keeping it an icon on the trip for all when visiting Hout Bay and/or Noordhoek on the Cape Peninsula in "the fairest Cape in the whole circumference of the globe" ~ Sir Francis Drake (1589).

Do you use Chapmans Peak Drive frequently - numerous times a week? - please find more details about the benefits of being a frequent user here.

Please be reminded that the safety of all users on Chapman's Peak Drive is important to us, as winter approaches our information shows that regular road closures can be expected due to the high risk and adverse weather conditions. Please check our site and social media feed regularly for updates, our road signs at either end of the road, whether from Hout Bay or Noordhoek will also have the necessary updates, so look out for these.

All users of Chapman's Peak Drive are encouraged to follow all COVID19 protocols when using the toll plaza services and when out at the picnic and viewing points. Enjoy the fresh air and open spaces responsibly and please ensure no litter or graffiti is left behind.

Chapman’s Peak Drive Toll Plaza Office Hours

The Toll Plaza is open Monday - Friday from 08h00 - 17h00 for registration as a Frequent User.
Address: Toll Plaza, Chapman’s Peak Drive, Hout Bay, Cape Town
Plaza Tel: 021 791 8220