Chapman's Peak Drive Day Pass

Monday, 29 May 2017 11:24
Chapman's Peak Drive Day Pass
16.13 km
Wind Direction
1.98 km/h
Updated 4/18/2021 03:37:50
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Did you know that you can use PART of Chapman's Peak Drive for free? The Chapman's Peak Drive Day Pass allows use of the designated picnic areas, viewing spots and mountain trails, before the Day Pass Control Point from the Hout Bay side only - and you don't have to pay the toll tariff.

How does the Day Pass work?

The Day Pass is valid from the Hout Bay entrance only and can be used up to the Day Pass Control Unit, where you will be advised where to park. Please keep your Day Pass as proof of entry and when you leave on the Hout Bay side, return it to the toll collector before the closing time. If you do not have your Day Pass on you, you will be charged full tariff.

What time is the Day Pass?

The day pass is valid during the DAY during the following seasonal hours
Summer (Oct – Mar) - 06:00 - 20:00
Winter (Apr – Sep) - 07:00 - 18:30

Kindly note that we are currently in the winter period so the day pass opens at 7am and closes at 6:30pm. This principle applies to all national parks and as Chapman's Peak Drive falls within SANParks jurisdiction, the day pass rule is applicable.

Please KEEP your Day Pass Ticket

The Day Pass gives us proof that you entered on the Hout Bay side and that you left on the Hout Bay side. If you don't have your day pass, we will assume that you have come from Noordhoek and you will pay the full transaction. Please be sure to care for your day pass ticket whilst you take photos (of nature, birds, wildlife, scenery and sunsets), take a hike or have a picnic. We know that the sunsets are amazing but please ensure that you depart before the closing time per season for the Day Pass.

Day Pass Control Unit

This is located 2.7km past the toll plaza building, where there is a stop sign and a friendly member of our staff, who will check your ticket and show where you where to park. If you would like to go past the control point, you need to buy a full passage ticket to go all the way through to Noordhoek.

Day Pass activities to enjoy

  • The scenery and the view
  • Take photos of Hout Bay and it’s picturesque harbour from Chapman’s Peak Drive
  • Bring binoculars – you could see whales (in season), birds, flowers, fauna and more…
  • Sunset photos
  • Picnic - grassy patches and gorgeous views
  • Hike it - stunning trails and spectacular views.

Did you know? 

Chapman’s Peak Drive is open every day of the year, 24 hours/day except when severe weather conditions make it unsafe for users.
If you as an individual user travel over Chapman’s Peak Drive more than 3 times per month, you can register as a frequent user for discounted travel.

Chapman’s Peak Drive Toll Plaza Office Hours:

The Toll Plaza is open Monday - Friday from 08h00 - 17h00 for registration as a Frequent User.
Address: Toll Plaza, Chapman’s Peak Drive, Hout Bay, Cape Town
Plaza Tel: 021 791 8220

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About Chapman's Peak Drive

  • Chapman’s Peak Drive toll road winds its way between Noordhoek and Hout Bay on the Atlantic Coast on the south-western tip of South Africa. Chapman’s Peak Drive is one of the most spectacular marine drives in the world.

    Chapman’s Peak Drive is affectionately known as #Chappies.