Chapman’s Peak With Young Children- A Fun & Hassle-Free Drive Through

Chapman’s Peak With Young Children- A Fun & Hassle-Free Drive Through
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 04:38
Article by Guest Blogger: Amy Fletcher

62% of Millennial parents travel with children under the age of 5, according to Resonance Consultancy. It is Cape Town where these families are most commonly heading on vacation, with IOL reporting that there’s been a 20% year-on-year increase in the number of visitors heading to Cape Point. And there’s only one route you should take to Cape Point and that’s via the scenic and unforgettable Chapman’s Peak Drive. But when you’ve got little ones on board, it’s essential that you ensure that your drive through Chapman’s Peak goes without a hitch.

Family-friendly activities

Driving through Chapman’s Peak is a thrilling activity in itself and is regularly cited as one of the ‘must-do’ activities in the area. When contacted about the beauty of the area Nellie Huang, founder of the adventure travel blog, advised that “The drive to Chapman's Peak is spectacular and the viewpoint is amazing.” To truly make some memories and enjoy time with your family, a picnic at one of Chapman’s Peak’s picnic spots is a must. If you’ve just touched down in the country and don’t have provisions to make your own picnic, then you can arrange to collect a picnic basket from one of the local delis in Hout Bay before embarking on the route to Cape Point. Cape Point Route recommends heading to Mariner’s Wharf to stock up on tasty treats as the likes of Mariner’s Wharf Bakery sell freshly-baked homemade goods daily which make the perfect feast for family members young and old.

Once you’ve polished off your picnic, your kids will love nothing more than looking out to the Atlantic Ocean and spotting the local animals. It’s common to spot whales and dolphins in the water that surrounds Chapman’s Peak and these large mammals are sure to delight your children. The area is also home to Cape fur seals, sunfish, seabirds, and spot baboons. So, before you embark on your journey, why not create journals for your kids so that they can keep a log of all the animals they spot at each vantage point along Chapman’s Point that you stop at?

What to pack

Aside from taking standard items, such as money for the toll, a camera, and food and drinks, you’ll need to take extra provisions when you’ve got youngsters traveling with you. Chappies is renowned for being windy, and if it gets too gusty the road will close. However, when it’s still deemed safe to drive through, make sure you pack blankets and jackets to keep your kids warm. Meanwhile, sunscreen is a must as advise that most skin damage occurs during childhood. Being up to 593 meters high also increases the likelihood of getting burned, especially during the summer months when temperatures are regularly above 25 degrees Centigrade in the Chappies. On days like this, it’s even worth packing a sunshade to keep young skin protected from the harmful rays of the South African sun.

If you do decide to enjoy a picnic at one of Chappie’s vantage points, then make sure you don’t forget about your youngest guests. Feeding your baby on the go is easily done when you’ve got a bottle warmer to hand. Some bottle warmers involve you planning ahead and carrying boiling water with you, while newer and more advanced models allow you to heat up your child’s bottle of milk in a matter of minutes when it’s plugged into your car’s auxiliary power outlet. Either way, this is ideal as young babies shouldn’t go longer than 4 hours at a time between bottles of milk.

Stay safe on the road

Chapman’s Peak has a total of 114 bends. As such, when you’re driving down to Cape Point, it’s crucial that you drive with caution. The speed limit throughout Chappies is just 40km/hr, however, it’s advisable to take it slower than this when you’ve got young children in the car with you. Not only will this allow them to witness the view of Chappies in all its glory, but if they suddenly wail or scream, it’ll be easier to keep control of your vehicle. You’ll also need to keep an eye out for other vehicles on the road, as well as cyclists. So, it’s essential that you’re alert and that your full concentration is on the road at all times.

When you do decide to pull over to witness the breathtaking views up close, make sure you keep your kids near to you at all times. Huang advises that “There aren't particular safety features to protect young kids, so you'll have to keep a lookout on them.” There is currently a 30-year contract in place at Chappies to improve the safety of the route for motorists. To date, a half tunnel, canopies, and catch fences have been installed and work is ongoing. The mesmerizing views of Chappies are sure to entice you to pull over and get out of your car. Thankfully, there are also safety barriers in place, but for optimum safety, use safety reins or a backpack with reins on toddlers so that they can’t suddenly make off from you. Infants, on the other hand, can be secured in a baby carrier or supported in a sling. 

The drive from Hout Bay down to Cape Point offers families visiting the area a beautiful and unforgettable start to their vacation. With something new to see every time you drive through Chappies and some great vantage points to stop at, families can enjoy some invaluable time together while familiarizing themselves with the local area.

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