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Get a Frequent User Card and save

Monday, 03 August 2020 10:15

A Chapmans Peak Drive Frequent User Card gives users a reduced rate at the tollgate, saving you money when you use the road more than twice in the space of one month. It’s easy to sign up for and the more you use the road, the more you’ll save.  

The Chapmans Peak Frequent User card can be linked to your credit card or you can get a Frequent User card. Every time you use Chappies, swipe that credit card or your Frequent User Card at the tollgate to receive a progressive discount that kicks in on your third trip in a month. Every time you use the drive during that month, the discount increases. It works on a month-to-month basis, so your trips will resent to zero again at the beginning of a new month.

To sign up for a Frequent User Card, simply visit the Entilini office at the tollgate, you’ll see designated parking for visitors, and fill out the registration form. You can also download the Frequent User Card Registration form from the website, fill it out at home and hand it in at the Chappies office. Please be sure to wear a mask when you visit our offices.

Below is the breakdown of the discounts a user driving a light motor vehicle (a normal car) will receive when using Chappies with a Frequent User Card. The Chappies tariff is currently at R52 per trip. In the space of one month the discount will apply as follows:

  • Trips 3 and 4 will cost R42 per trip
  • Trips 5 and 6 will cost R32 per trip
  • Trips 7 to 10 will cost R22 per trip
  • Trips 11 to 25 will cost R11 per trip
  • Trips after that will cost R20,50 per trip

Frequent users driving motorcycles will pay R34 per trip for all journeys. 

There are some terms and conditions. You must maintain a balance of R80 on your Frequent User Card at all times. Any credits you have will always be carried over to the next month.

Frequent User Cards only applies to class 1 and 2 vehicles that have signed up at the Entilini Office at the Chappies tollgate. These classes of vehicles include motorbikes, motor tricycles, quad bikes, light motor vehicles (normal cars), minibus taxis and utility vehicles, as well as midi-buses, busses and heavy motor vehicles with two axles. Unfortunately, discounts do not apply for commercial use, like tour operators, buses or businesses, however, mini-bus taxis who are registered as taxi operators & have pre-registered with Entilini Operations will qualify for discounts.