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Enjoy Cape Town’s summer, safely

Celebrate the festive season with Chappies
Tuesday, 01 December 2020 09:51

December is here and the festive season is upon us. With 2020 being such an extraordinary year, we’re particularly excited about the holidays. Bring on long summer days, chill time with friends and family and lots of fun. Cape Town’s incredible mountains, sea and exceptional views make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and Chapman’s Peak Drive is a jewel in this city’s crown.

As with all cities, Cape Town has its share of dangers and crime. Here are a few precautions you can take to keep you and your loved ones safe while enjoying this marvellous time of year.


Keeping safe on Chappies

Social distance & wear a mask

In the time of COVID-19, Chapman’s Peak Drive is one of the safest places to visit as it is outdoors. You can enjoy the views and even pack a picnic to enjoy with friends at one of our picnic tables. Remember to always wear a mask when you’re near people you don’t live with and practice social distancing.  

Adhere to the speed limit and rules of the road

Chappies drive is absolutely spectacular but can be dangerous. The road is narrow and winding, so please respect the speed limit – it’s there for a very good reason. Many different users, from cars and cyclists to runners and walkers, make use of Chappies, especially in summer. Please respect all the rules of the road. We ask cyclists to keep in single file and motorists to be patient and only pass cyclists when it is safe to do so.

Stay behind the fence at all times

When you exit the vehicle, remember that Chapman’s Peak has steep cliffs. At the main viewpoint, it’s important to stay behind the fence at all times. Always adhere to our cautionary signage that lets you know where it is safe to be. This is important at all times, but especially during a typically strong Cape Town South Easter wind.

Lock your car and keep valuables out of sight

Always look after your belongings whether you’re in or out of your vehicle. It’s advisable to avoid carrying large sums of cash and keep expensive devices, like mobile phones, or jewellery out of plain sight. Try not to leave your belongings unattended. Always lock your car when you exit your vehicle to admire the views. It’s best never to leave valuables in your car but if it’s unavoidable, make sure they’re out of sight or lock them in the trunk of your car. We have many cameras to improve safety but it’s not possible to cover the entire drive.

Should you encounter any suspicious behaviour – please report it to our control centre with as much detail as possible:  021-791 8220.  


Safety in Table Mountain National Park

Hike in groups, use a guide or map

Chapman’s Peak Drive is part of the larger Table Mountain National Park. Chapman’s Peak itself is a fantastic and highly recommended hike that is very accessible with stunning views over Hout Bay and Noordhoek. Always hike in a group and if you’re unsure, please, use a qualified hiking guide or take a good map. Always keep to the paths. Make sure someone knows where you are going hiking and what time you’re expected back. Do not hike in the dark.

Prepare for the heat and cold when hiking

There is a saying that Cape Town has ‘four seasons in one day’, this is because a day can start out looking warm and wonderful and very quickly change to being overcast, windy and extremely cold. This can turn a casual hike into a serious challenge, especially with children or inexperienced hikers. When you’re hiking you must be prepared for all types of weather, no matter what the weather looks like when you start. Take a warm jacket for the cold and a hat for the severe heat, always carry enough water.   

Useful Emergency Numbers

Emergencies from a mobile: 112

Emergencies from a landline: 107

South African Police Service: 10111

Medical & Fire Emergencies: 021 535 1100

Table Mountain NP Emergencies: 021 480 7700

Sea & Mountain Rescue: 021 948 9900

National Sea Rescue Institute: 082 911

Shark Spotters: 078 174 4244

Ambulance: 10177


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Happy Holidays

Happy holidays and season's greetings from the merry team at Chapman’s Peak Drive. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our regular users for another year of the world’s most beautiful commute. We hope you’ll all – regulars and visitors alike – visit us this festive season. Wishing you and your family joy and happiness for the coming year.

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful safe holiday.

Love from the Chappies team x