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Alien Vegetation Clearing is back - Road Closure Alert

Friday, 27 September 2019 06:59

Chapman's Peak Drive is rich in natural resources and Alien Vegetation Species are resource seekers. These plants disrupt our delicate eco-systems and steal  our underground water. These plants can expand rapidly and seek to destroy our natural fynbos .

SANParks in conjunction with Working on Fire will be sending out a specialized team to clear these aliens using ropes and technology to chop and clear the slopes of Chapman's Peak Drive and protect them from the alien threat. Whilst they are at work, the drive below will encounter falling debris, making it dangerous for passage. As such Chapman's Peak Drive will be closed to all traffic - including bicycles and pedestrians/runners. 

The SANParks Alien Vegetation clearing unit will tackle the slopes of Chappies between 10h00 and 16ho0 on Wednesdays from 2nd October 2019 - 30th November 2019, weather permitting.   

Chapman's Peak Drive is committed to protecting our slopes and as such Chappies will be closed to all traffic as per the schedule whilst the Alien Vegetation Clearing Team takes to the slopes of the mountain above our drive to remove as many aliens as possible on the above mentioned dates.   

These aliens must go and we need your cooperation to get rid of the alien vegetation!   They have no natural enemies here and we want our fynbos back.  Please help and support us and SANParks in the process of removing these aliens during which time Chapman's Peak Drive will be closed to all traffic - vehicles,  bicycles and pedestrians.  Please try and travel before 09h45 or after 16h15 on Wednesdays.  

Should you need to travel between Noordhoek and Hout Bay between those times, kindly use Ou Kaapse Weg as an alternative route.  We thank you for your co-operation and trust the mild inconvenience will be worth everyone's time to rid our slopes of Alien Vegetation.  

Should you have any queries please call 021 791 8220